Whiplash Injury Case nets £13,300 for man

A man, who claimed that injuries from a head-on car crash affected his weight loss program, has been awarded almost £13,300 compensation in a whiplash injury case.

The judge heard how Declan O’Hora (45) had suffered injuries to his neck and shoulders following a road traffic accident in October 2008.

These injuries, it was claimed, prevented Mr. O’Hora from continuing with swimming training designed to assist with a weight loss problem, and had also been responsible for the development of sleep apnoea – a condition where the sufferer experiences abnormal pauses in breathing while sleeping, leading to daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

As liability had been conceded by the negligent driver the only issue remaining to be determined was the amount of personal injury compensation to be awarded. This was set by Mr Justice Matthew Deery at just under £13,300