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Terms and Conditions for Using This Site

An injury which is due to somebody else’s negligence entitles you to claim for personal injury compensation. Although many people are aware of this entitlement, there is much confusion as to which steps to follow when making injury compensation claims in the USA – creating the need for a reliable web site in which the processes and procedures for receiving a satisfactory compensation settlement for your injury are explained.

No Substitute for Seeking Professional Advice

However, since no two cases are alike, it is impractical to cover every scenario and aspect of making injury compensation claims in the USA on this web site. As such, any information provided herein is intended as an overview only, and not as a substitute for seeking professional medical and legal advice. In all cases, we strongly recommend that you contact a lawyer.

Seek Advice Directly from a Solicitor

When you are seeking compensation, it is crucial to speak directly with a personal injury lawyer about the individual circumstances surrounding the injury for which you wish to claim. As the contents of this web site are subject to change without prior notice, and government reforms may affect the access to contingency fee lawyers in the USA, it is essential that you receive accurate, up-to-date information at the time you need it.

Important Disclaimer

Inasmuch as visitors to this web site are welcome to consult this site for reference, they should not rely on any specific information as the basis for making injury compensation claims in the USA. We therefore accept no liability for any action undertaken on the basis of information provided on this web site, including any kind of injury, loss, claim, or damage resulting from the contents published herein.