Claim for Tripping on a Road under Construction

Is it possible to claim for tripping on a road under construction on behalf of my daughter who damaged her knee when she was out playing?

It may be possible to claim for tripping on a road under construction compensation on behalf of your daughter, but only a personal injury claims lawyer who has knowledge of the road construction injury she sustained will be able to tell you this. You should make sure that that you have sufficient grounds to make a claim for tripping on road construction compensation and that the negligence of the company behind the road construction can be established. For example, it could be asserted that your daughter was engaging in boisterous behaviour and that her injury was due to her own carelessness. Also, if the road was clearly under construction and she should not have been playing on it that may also affect her eligibility to claim. Being somewhat responsible for her injury will not make her completely ineligible to claim, however it will result in the reduction of her final settlement.

Therefore, it is important that you gather as much evidence as you can before making a claim for your daughter’s road construction injury. Make a report to the negligent party involved in the road construction. Include as much detail as you can, even include witness testimonials if possible. You should return to the location and take pictures of where your daughter was injured, focusing on any potential hazards. Retain any receipts or documentation demonstrating the costs incurred as a result of your daughter’s injury.

All of this should strengthen your claim and aid your lawyer when they are evaluating it. In order to claim for tripping on a road under construction for your daughter, you, or another parent or legal guardian without a conflict of interest will have to speak on her behalf. This is because any person under eighteen is considered a minor and minors are not permitted under USA law to advise a lawyer or make a claim by themselves. However, should you wish to delay making a claim until your daughter turns eighteen when she can speak on her own behalf this is also an option. Although the USA Statute of Limitations limits the amount of time a potential claimant has to make a claim to three years, this three year time limit does not begin until the child turns eighteen.

Nevertheless, if you are considering pursuing a claim for tripping on road construction compensation it is still advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as it is convenient. They will be able to evaluate your daughter’s claim and advise you on whether or not it will be possible for her to claim for tripping on a road under construction.