Trip Injury Award of £26,650

A teenage girl, who tripped on a faultily repaired step outside her home, has accepted an offer of a settlement for trip injury award from the city council amounting to £26,650.

Sarah O’Mahony (18) was just nine years old when the incident occurred in October 2002 outside of her residence. Walking up the concrete steps close by her home, Sarah tripped on a poorly repaired stair and fell – hitting her central incisors on a higher step and forcing the teeth back into her gum.

At court, the judge was told that Sarah’s original claim for compensation for tripping had been adjourned in 2006 because of a need to obtain further dental reports; however now the Injuries Board had examined her claim at £26,650 and City Council was in agreement with the figure.

The judge was advised by Sarah’s legal representative that she was also prepared to accept the assessment of trip injury compensation, and the judge agreed that it was in her best interests to accept the offer.