Child to Receive Tricycle Injury Compensation

An eleven-year-old boy is to receive 100,000 Euros in tricycle injury compensation after his claim for damages was resolved shortly before a hearing was due to commence at Dublin´s High Court.

Bartosz Zakrzewski from Birr in County Offaly, Ireland, sustained traumatic injuries to his head and leg in an accident in July 2010 when, cycling along An Coran Street in Birr, his tricycle was in collision with a car driven by Caitriona Kelly – also a resident of Birr.

Due to the impact from the collision, Bartosz was thrown several metres along the road and suffered head injuries, lacerations across his body and a broken leg. Through his mother – Monika – Bartosz made a claim for tricycle injury compensation against Ms Kelly – claiming that she had been driving negligently and in breach of her duty of care.

Ms Kelly denied the claims and, due to potential value of tricycle injury compensation that Bartosz would be entitled to if his claim were successful, his tricycle injury compensation claim was scheduled to be heard before Ms Justice Mary Irvine at Dublin´s High Court.

However, shortly before the hearing was due to commence, Ms Justice Mary Irvine heard that the claim for tricycle injury compensation had been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. As the compensation settlement was in favour of a minor, the settlement still had to be approved and, after hearing the circumstances of the accident and the details of the agreement, Ms Justice Mary Irvine approved the compensation settlement of 100,000 Euros which was agreed without admission of liability by Ms Kelly.