Lords Debate Health Risk of para-Phenylenediamine in Hair Dye

The House of Lords recently conducted a debate on the health risks of para-Phenylensiamine in hair dye to raise awareness of the known health issues associated with the chemical, and to ask the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State what steps were being taken by the Government to warn consumers in the UK of its potential risks. … Read more

Adverse Reaction to PPD Hair Dye Leaves Mother in Coma

A mother of two has been given an 8 per cent chance of surviving a coma which medical experts believe may have been caused by an adverse reaction to PPD hair dye. Julie McCabe (38) from Keighley, West Yorkshire, collapsed at her home on 30th October after using a L’Oreal Preferences hair dye containing the … Read more

PPD Chemicals in Hair Dye Blamed for Teenage Girl´s Death

A preliminary investigation into the death of Tabatha McCourt has suggested that PPD chemicals in hair dye she was using at the time were responsible for causing the violent fit which lead to the teenager´s death. Tabatha (17) from Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, had been dyeing her hair with a hair product containing para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) at … Read more