Still Time to Claim BT Workers Hearing Injury Compensation

There is still time for many former and current British Telecom employees, who have sustained a loss of hearing due to using faulty testing sets, to claim BT workers hearing injury compensation.

In August 2010 – in the case of Watkins v British Telecommunications – BT admitted that workers involved in the testing, tracing and installation of telephone lines had been provided with equipment which produced loud, high-pitched tones and damaged their hearing.

The case resulted in numerous claims for BT workers hearing injury compensation being made and, as many of the injuries had developed years before, BT announced it would not impose the three-year Statute of Limitations which usually limits an employer´s responsibility for workplace injuries.

However, in June 2012, the company changed its mind about allowing a limitless period in which to claim compensation for BT workers hearing injuries, and announced that – from January 1st 2013 – any BT worker claim for hearing injury compensation would be contested if it was made after the three-year Statute of Limitations had expired.

This means that former and current employees who have been diagnosed with a hearing disorder within the last three years which is attributable to BT´s negligence are still eligible for compensation for BT workers hearing injuries and receive recompense for their damaged hearing.

Former and current BT employees not involved with the installation of lines, but who have sustained damaged hearing due to working within range of excessive noise produced by jack hammers and Kango hammers, and who were not provided with suitable protection for their hearing, are also eligible for compensation – provided that their hearing injury has been diagnosed within the last three years.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has advised any current or former BT worker suffering from tinnitus, damaged hearing or premature deafness which is due to BT´s negligence to speak with a lawyer at the first practical opportunity.