Spinal Injury Compensation Claim Resolved at Court Hearing

A man from Tennyson in Indiana has settled his spinal injury compensation claim against his insurance company after it failed to pay out his claim for workers compensation.

In 2010, Donnie Grubb was forced to quit his successful cleaning business when he suffered a spinal injury while working. Seven years before his injury, Donnie believed that he had covered himself and his sole employee with workers compensation insurance from Indiana Farm Bureau. Donnie had even continued paying the premiums after his sole employee left so that he was still covered.

However, when Donnie made a spinal injury compensation claim to Indiana Farm Bureau, his claim was denied. Indiana Farm Bureau said that Donnie had never been insured on the policy, and rather than receive two-thirds of his average weekly wage and his medical expenses, Donnie had to sell his business, his equipment and his vehicles to pay his bills.

Donnie sought legal advice and sued Indiana Farm Bureau and the agent who sold him the insurance policy. The insurance company and the agent argued that it was not their fault that Donnie had maintained payments to insure an employee who no longer worked for him, and the spinal injury compensation claim went to the Vanderburgh Superior Court where it was heard by a jury.

At the hearing, Indiana Farm Bureau produced evidence to show that Donnie had never been covered by the workers compensation policy, and the jury heard that Donnie has already undergone two major surgeries on his back and a significant amount of physical rehabilitation. Donnie´s outstanding medical bills were estimated at $245,000 and the jury was told that he will need a spinal stimulator implanted in the future.

At the end of the two-day hearing, the jury found in Donnie´s favor. They awarded him $1.5 million in settlement of his spinal injury compensation claim so that Donnie will be able to pay his outstanding medical bills, have more treatment for his injury in the future and invest a sufficient amount so that he has an income for the rest of his life.