Three New Claims for Shopping Centre Car Park Injury at Highcross

Three new claims for shopping centre parking lot injury at Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester have been made following a successful claim for an injury sustained on the access bridge from the parking lot late last year and compensation for slipping and breaking an ankle being awarded to another shopper just a few weeks ago.

In December 2011, Gweneth Bowler (64) from Quorn in Leicestershire successfully sued Highcross Shopping Centre after fracturing her hip and shoulder on a shopping trip to the complex with her daughter, and earlier this month an unnamed shopper was awarded 3,700 pounds after slipping and breaking her ankle on the same access bridge from the shopping centre parking lot.

Now three more claims for shopping centre parking lot injury have come to light – the most serious involving a forty-year-old woman who slipped and broke her femur in the parking area and required emergency surgery. Claims for shopping centre parking lot injury can be made up to three years after an accident has occurred and this may not be the end of the claims against the shopping centre despite improvements being made.

A Leicester City Council official had testified in Gweneth Bowler´s claim for compensation against the shopping centre that poor drainage – both on the bridge and in the parking lot – represented a serious slip hazard. He also pointed to a lack of adequate cleaning presenting further risk of injury and, although the council´s recommendations were listened to, anybody visiting the shopping complex in the past three years who has sustained an injury attributable to the previous lack of care by the shopping centre management is still entitled to claim shopping centre parking lot injury compensation.