Ship Accident Compensation Claims Likely to Exceed Initial Compensation Offer

Ship accident compensation claims following the Costa Concordia tragedy on January 13, 2012, are likely to exceed the company´s initial compensation offer of 11,000 Euros (14,460 dollars/9,180 pounds) according to the Carlo Rienzi, the president of the Italian consumer group Codacons.

Rienzi´s statement was made in response to several other consumer groups signing an agreement with Costa Crociere SpA to offer 11,000 Euros ship accident compensation in lieu of psychological trauma and loss of personal effects.

Costa Crociere´s offer is in addition to a refund of the cost of the holiday and any expenses incurred by passengers in arranging transport home after the disaster. Those passengers who accept the ship accident compensation settlement will receive their compensation with one week.

Signore Rienzi believes that each passenger should have a psychological evaluation prior to accepting the offer and advocates that passengers should make ship accident compensation claims for a minimum of 125,000 Euros (164,300 dollars/104,300 pounds).

He went on to condemn the proviso in the offer of compensation that any passenger accepting the settlement would lose their right to make further ship accident compensation claims against the cruise company.

The offer of compensation does not apply to those who sustained a physical injury during the capsizing of the Costa Concordia or the rescue effort. Those injury compensation claims will be dealt with on an individual basis.