Scalding Claims for Tassimo Coffee Machine Result in Product Recall

Over 160 scald claims for Tassimo coffee machine injuries investigated by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission have resulted in the popular coffee making machine being withdrawn from sale in the United States and Canada.

The Tassimo coffee machine recall affects more than 1.7 million coffee makers sold in North America along with 4 million Gevalia, Maxwell House and Nabob espresso T-discs still believed to be in circulation. Indeed it is the discs which are believed to be the problem – responsible for exploding under pressure, and showering those in close proximity with scalding water.

Thirty seven of the scald claims for Tassimo coffee machine injuries were made due to people suffering second-degree burns which required hospital treatment, including a ten-year-old girl from Minnesota who received such severe scalds to her face and neck that she required emergency hospital treatment.

No Tassimo coffee machine recall has yet been announced in the UK, although the product is sold in a number of high street electrical and department stores and the T-discs in many leading grocery stores. People who sustain scalds due to accidents with their Tassimo coffee maker are entitled to make burn injury claims for compensation but, as the injuries were sustained from a recalled product, not against the store from which the coffee making machines or the T-discs  were purchased

As the manufacturer of the recalled Tassimo coffee machine is the Californian, scald claims for Tassimo coffee machine injuries will need to be made in the United States using a UK personal injury lawyer, and one should consulted as soon as you have receive medical treatment to discuss scald claims for Tassimo coffee machine injuries.