Claims for a Leg Injury in a Factory Accident

How can factory workers pursue claims for a leg injury in a factory accident? I recently suffered a broken leg after a piece of equipment fell on it from a shelf several feet above my head. I have been told by my doctor that I will not be able to work for at least the next three months.

Factory workers’ entitlement to pursue claims for a leg injury in a factory accident depends on whether or not their employer can be held responsible for what happened. Leg breaks can be extremely debilitating and can often result in the sufferer being left virtually housebound for weeks or months at a time. Many leg breaks – as in your case – can leave a sufferer unable to work, and thus unable to earn enough to meet their financial obligations.

Claims for a leg injury in a factory accident may be made if a claimant is able to gather a sufficient amount of evidence to prove that their employer is responsible for their injury. In your case, this may mean gathering CCTV footage of the accident, witness statements and a medical report – which you may have been issued with at the hospital. If you did not receive a medical report before you were discharged, you should request one from the hospital immediately.

Leg break in a factory accident claims can often result in large settlements being awarded. While the pain suffered during the initial injury can be excruciating, a sizable portion of the award you may receive could be based on the impact the injury has had on your life since your accident. This means that you may retrieve compensation for any loss of amenity – the inability to perform everyday duties – which you may have experienced as a consequence of your injury. Any earnings which you may have missed out on due to being unable to work could also be taken into account, as might your medical bills or alternative transport costs. Unknown to some, injuries such as leg breaks can often lead to psychological injuries like depression due to the loss of amenity that can occur, and compensation may be awarded to account for this factor.

It is impossible to determine exactly how much compensation for a factory accident leg injury you may be awarded, or what opportunity you have of receiving the maximum possible amount, without knowing more about your financial health and the circumstances in which your injury was sustained. For a more comprehensive assessment of your claim, speak with a personal injury claims lawyer at the first possible opportunity. Claims for a leg injury in a factory accident should always be pursued with the help of a trained lawyer.