Compensation for Injury due to Delayed Caesarean Operation Approved in Court

A woman, who suffered severe brain damage after neither a surgeon nor an anaesthetist were present to perform a C-Section procedure, has been awarded a settlement package of compensation for injury due to a delayed Caesarean operation amounting to 4.2 million pounds.

Susanne Turner (45) from Wittersham, Kent, was born on April 28th 1967 at the Buchanan Street Hospital in St Leonards-on-Sea following the untimely delay which resulted in her being deprived of oxygen in the womb and unable to breathe independently when she was eventually delivered. The lack of oxygen resulted in Susanne sustaining brain damage at birth and she has had suffered from learning difficulties throughout her life.

Without knowing that they were eligible for compensation or support, Susanne´s parents – Christopher and Sandra – raised the little girl without assistance, until Susanne´s father read a magazine article which suggested that he might be able to claim compensation for an injury due to a delayed Caesarean operation on his daughter´s behalf. After seeking legal advice, which confirmed that a claim for compensation was still possible due to Susanne´s lack of mental capacity, Susanne´s parents sued South East Coast Strategic Health Authority – the NHS Trust responsible for the now-closed Buchanan Street Hospital.

The South East Coast Strategic Health Authority admitted liability for Susanne´s injury and, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, issued an apology to Susanne and her parents for the negligence which had occurred 45 years previously. Judge Mrs Justice Nicola Davies heard that a settlement of compensation for injury due to a delayed Caesarean had been agreed between the two parties which consisted of a lump sum and annual payments and, paying tribute to Christopher and Sandra´s “love and devotion” for their daughter, approved the settlement estimated to be worth 4.2 million pounds.