Jury Awards $2.1 Million Injury Compensation for Bus Stop Accident

A jury in Los Angeles has awarded a woman $2.1 million injury compensation for a bus stop accident which left her permanently disabled.

Edia Cordero was seated on a bus stop bench at the intersection of Tyrone Avenue and Vanowen Street in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, when – on 1st June 2009 – a vehicle driven by Berj Gabrielyan went out of control and hit both Edia and a passing pedestrian – Roxana Garcia.

Ms Garcia sustained a fractured knee as a result of the accident, but Edia (33) was seriously injured and rushed to hospital in a coma with multiple injuries which included broken ribs, a fractured pelvis, a collapsed lung and a broken hip.

Edia remained in a coma for three weeks before being transferred to the San Fernando Post Acute Hospital for further treatment. Due to the subarachnoid hemorrhage and hematoma she suffered at the time of the bus stop accident, Edia now suffers from cognitive issues and blurred vision.

As a result of her other injuries, Edia has to use a walking aid because of the nerve damage she sustained to her right leg, and is still on anti-inflammatory and anti-depression medication five years after the accident. According to her physical rehabilitation expert, Edia requires a caregiver ten years earlier than would normally be expected.

Edia and Garcia both claimed injury compensation for a bus stop accident against Gabrielyan and liability for their injuries was admitted by his estate after Gabrielyan had passed away in November 2011. Roxanna Garcia settled her claim for bus stop accident compensation for $100,000, but a similar offer made to Edia was declined, and the claim for damages proceeded to the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in Van Nuys, where it was heard by Judge Randy Rhodes and a twelve-person jury.

After hearing arguments from both parties about the extent of Edia´s injuries, the jury voted by a majority decision to award Edia $2,121,863 injury compensation for her bus stop accident, $466,863 being accountable for past medical costs, $180,000 awarded for future medical costs, $475,000 for past personal injury, and $1 million for the pain and suffering Edia will experience in the future.