Horse Collision Injury Claim leads to £560k pay out

A GP, who sustained serious neck and back injuries after his car was in collision with a stray horse, has been awarded £560,238 in a horse collision injury claim.

Thomas Breslin (46) was driving along the road outside his home town when the collision occurred in January 2007. The horse, which become free from a nearby field, collided with his car with such impact that the animal landed on the roof of Dr Breslin´s car – trapping him inside for more than two hours until he was released by emergency services.

Mr Justice Eamon de Valera at the High Court heard that as a consequence of the accident Dr Breslin had to undergo surgery on his back and have a plate inserted in his neck. He suffered psychologically as a result of the accident and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. The court also heard that Dr. Breslin will only be able to work part-time due to his ailments and may even have to retire from his practise.

The negligent party in the action was named as Richard Johnston, who admitted liability for not securing the horse’s holdings and the case was before Mr Justice Eamon de Valera for assessment of damages only.

Announcing the award of £560,238, the judge said that it was clear that Dr Breslin would continue to suffer physically and mentally as a result of the incident.