Fall from Scaffolding Tower Injury Compensation Approved in Court

A man who suffered permanent brain injuries after falling from scaffolding while attempting to help his brother repair the roof of his house has been awarded 750,000 Euros after the settlement of his claim for fall from scaffolding tower injury compensation was approved in court.

Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown in County Cork was helping his brother John replace displaced slates on the roof of his home in Killmallock, County Limerick, when the tragedy occurred in December 2008.

While situated on top of the scaffolding tower which had been erected to gain access to the roof, Patrick fell three metres to the ground while attempting to take hold of a roofing ladder which was being passed to him.

Patrick suffered a fractured skull as a result of the accident and such significant brain damage occurred that he has since lost the senses of taste, smell and hearing.

Patrick made a claim for fall from scaffolding tower injury compensation through his wife Julia, claiming that John had failed to secure the scaffolding tower to a permanent structure, had failed to brace the scaffolding tower and had failed to take adequate precautions to ensure his safety while repairing the roof.

At the High Court in Dublin, Ms Justice Mary Irvine heard that liability was not in dispute, a 750,000 Euros settlement of fall from scaffolding tower injury compensation had been agreed and the case was before her for approval of damages only.

After hearing an explanation of the accident, the judge approved the settlement, stating that this was a sad story in which the deeds of a Good Samaritan had ended in tragic circumstances.