Compensation for Cutting a Hand on Glass in a Bar

Is it possible to claim compensation for cutting a hand on glass in a bar if I was quite drunk when it happened?

It should be possible to claim compensation for cutting a hand on glass in a bar if you can establish that your injury was due to the lack of care or negligence demonstrated by the staff or bar owner. Like with any other barlic establishment, bars owe their customers a duty of care with regards to their health and safety. This means that a hazard free environment must be maintained through ensuring that things like spillages are dealt with promptly, bar stools are in working order and that glasses are in no way broken or chipped. Unless you broke the glass yourself, being given a broken glass by a member of staff and subsequently sustaining a hand cut from glass injury suggests a lack of care on their part.

You should have had your cut hand looked at by a medical professional straight away as your health should always be your top priority after an accident occurs. Such an injury may require stitches, or cause scarring if it is not treated correctly, and no amount of compensation is worth a permanent disfigurement in such a conspicuous area. This will also ensure that there is a record of your injury in your medical history. This will provide evidence when you pursue compensation for cutting a hand on glass in a bar.

It may be difficult to prove that your hand cut from a glass injury was caused by the glass in the bar, the bar owners could claim that it occurred elsewhere. As most people tend to own camera phones in this day and age, you should always try to take advantage of these modern devices in such situations. If possible, try to take a picture of anything that has caused you to sustain injury. A picture of the broken glass in question in this situation would strengthen your bar injury compensation claim. Nevertheless, make sure to report the incident in the bar’s “Accident Report Book”, being as comprehensive as possible and including the names and details of any witnesses if possible.

Present any evidence you are able to compile to a personal injury claims lawyer with knowledge of bar injury compensation claims. They will be able to assess the viability of your claim based on this evidence in addition to your age, sex, general state of health prior to the incident and the subsequent impact your injury has made on your life. They will then inform you if your claim is worth your while to pursue. If they think that you have a considerable chance of success, they may offer to represent your compensation for cutting a hand on glass in a bar claim.