Construction Crane Accident Claims

Is it possible to pursue construction crane accident claims? I recently injured my back after falling 30 yards from the cab of a crane. I have been told by my doctor that my injury is so severe that I will never be able to work on a construction site again. I believe that my fall was the result of an oversight on the part of my employer and that I am eligible to be compensated for my injury.

It is possible for construction workers to pursue construction crane accident claims in the correct circumstances. If your accident was caused by an oversight on the part of your employer as you believe, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation. Thankfully crane accidents are rare in the USA, although when they do occur the damage which can be caused can be severe.

As cranes can often be dangerous places to work, it is important that an employer takes extensive measures in order to protect the health and wellbeing of their workers – in fact, they are obliged to as part of the duty of care which they owe their employees. Before allowing employees to operate in a new workspace, an employer is required to complete a risk assessment of the area and take action to neutralise any hazards which may be deemed to be a risk to the welfare of their employees. On top of the initial assessment, an employer must conduct routine inspections of the area and of the machinery and tools which employees are provided with to carry out their job; appropriate safety equipment such as hard hats, luminous jackets and safety boots must be provided. If you believe that your employer has failed to take adequate measures to protect your safety, you may be one of the workers in the USA eligible to pursue construction accident crane compensation claims.

In order to learn more about your entitlement to construction crane accident claims compensation, speak with an experienced personal injury compensation lawyer at the first available opportunity. A lawyer will be able to assess your claim for crane accident injury based on its individual merits, and may be able to tell you what your chances of being successful are and how much you may be awarded. It is important to remember that construction crane accident claims always have a greater chance of success when an experienced lawyer is brought in to assist a claimant.