Pensioner Receives Compensation from Tesco for Slip on Wet Floor

A pensioner, who fractured a metatarsal bone in his foot after slipping in his local Tesco grocery store, has been awarded compensation from Tesco for a slip on a wet floor.

Ronald Fryer from Whittington in Worcestershire was visiting his local Tesco grocery store in St. Peter´s in October 2009 when his unfortunate accident occurred. On entering the grocery store, he slipped on a wet floor and fell heavily.

X-rays taken at the nearby Worcestershire Royal Hospital revealed that Ronald had sustained a fractured metatarsal bone in his foot – leaving the eighty-year-old immobile and in a significant amount of pain.

Ronald spoke with a lawyer after his discharge from hospital and discovered that he was entitled to make an accident in Tesco claim for Tesco´s breach in their duty of care to provide customers with a safe environment in which to shop.

Tesco initially denied their liability for Ronald´s injury but, after several years of negotiations, Ronald received an offer of compensation from Tesco for a slip on a wet floor which he accepted under advice from his lawyer.