Child Receives Compensation for Scar Injury after Trip and Fall at Construction Site

A girl from Dublin is to receive 20,000 Euros in compensation for scar injury after she tripped and fell into a hole dug by a local construction company.

Kodie Geoghegan Dowdall (12) of Ballymun, Dublin, was just seven years of age when, in December 2006, she tripped and fell into the hole while on her way to visit her aunt. Despite receiving medical treatment for her injuries, Kodie developed a scar which failed to heal and, through her mother, made an accident injury compensation claim against the construction company – SIAC Construction of Clondalkin, Dublin.

SIAC Construction denied responsibility for Kodie´s accident, however made an offer of compensation for scar injury without admission of liability. In Dublin´s Circuit Civil Court, Mr Justice Matthew Deery heard that the offer of 20,000 Euros would be adequate for Kodie to receive appropriate treatment once she turned eighteen to have the scar removed.

Approving the compensation for scar injury, Mr Justice Matthew Deery ordered the funds to be paid into court – a normal procedure in child accident compensation claims – until such time as Kodie is old enough to have the revision surgery performed.