Compensation for Injuries in a Hit and Run Accident Awarded to Philadelphia Couple

A couple, who both suffered back damage in a rear-end collision, are to receive compensation for injuries in a hit and run accident after a court hearing in Philadelphia.

George Sabu (39) and his wife Mebitha (31) were driving along North 5th Street in Philadelphia on 10 September 2012, when they were hit from behind by a vehicle which then sped away from the scene of the accident.

Both George and Mebitha were taken to the Holy Redeemer Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries and discharged – later to attend the Spinal Rehab Network when pain developed in their necks, backs and – in Mebitha´s case – her head.

Mebitha underwent an MRI, which revealed L5-S1 disc desiccation and damage to her bilateral L5-S1 nerve roots, while George was discovered to have damaged his L3-4 disc and suffered an L4-5 desiccation with a central herniation impinging on the thecal sac.

Both George and Mebitha were treated with physical therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, exercise and spinal manipulation, and George now has to have injections to manage his ongoing pain.

Fortunately the license plate number of the car that had hit the couple had been recorded, and a compensation claim for injuries in a hit and run accident was made against Larry Sharp – the driver of the vehicle – and Jalonda Hall, the owner of the vehicle, on the grounds that he was vicariously liable.

Both defendants denied the claim made against them, and then entered the defense that Mebitha´s injuries were subjective, while George´s injuries were due to an existing degenerative condition and were not caused by the hit and run accident.

Both parties introduced medical experts to argue their case in court, but after a five-day hearing, the jury found in favor of the plaintiffs, and awarded George $150,000 compensation for injuries in a hit and run accident, with Mebitha being awarded $100,000.