Man Recovers Compensation for Crushed Legs in Tow Truck Accident after Claim

A man from Dakota County in Minnesota has recovered $1.745 million compensation for crushed legs in a tow truck accident that happened on the day that he retired from his business.

On July 19 2011, Dean Bauer´s pickup would not start, and he called AAA for assistance. When the tow truck arrived, Dean and the driver of the truck decided to try one further time to see if they could get Dean´s vehicle to start and Dean popped the hood. While Dean stood looking into the engine compartment, the tow truck rolled backwards into him, crushing him against the front of his pickup and breaking both his legs.

Dean (now 68 years of age) had just retired from his commercial and residential trade business on the day the accident happened and, after seeking legal advice, he made a compensation claim for crushed legs on a tow truck accident against the company that owned the tow truck – Onamia Service Center. Onamia admitted liability for Dean´s injury and settled out of court for $765,000 in October 2013.

Dean also had UIM coverage, and because the maximum settlement available from Onamia Service Center was $1 million, he also sued his own insurers. Dean´s insurance carrier made an offer of $100,000 compensation for crushed legs in a tow truck accident, but – on advice – Dean rejected the offer and the case went to a jury hearing at Dakota County District Court before Judge Thomas M. Pugh.

At the hearing, the jury awarded Dean a further $980,309 for bodily injury and the impact that the accident would have on Dean´s future quality of life – bringing the total amount of compensation recovered to $1.745 million over the two claims.