Compensation for Children’s Whiplash Injury

Circuit Court President Justice Matthew Deery approved an compensation for children’s whiplash injury of £47,000 for injuries suffered by three siblings, after hearing how their mother´s car had been rear-ended in an accident which occurred in January 2007.

Rachael Hopkins (9) and her brothers Daniel (10) and Thomas (7) had been passengers in a car driven by their mother Jennifer, when it was hit from behind by Ms Monica Carney.

In a lawsuit brought through the children’s father, Thomas Hopkins, the court was told how the children had received treatment for recurrent and protracted symptoms of their injuries from the family GP and a specialist consultant.

The consequences had been more problematic for the two brothers, Daniel and Thomas, who were each approved a settlement of £16,600. A settlement of £13,300 was approved for Rachael Hopkins, and the compensation award will remain invested in court funds until they are 18 years old.