Compensation for Breaking my Nose in Aldi

I slipped on discarded plastic packaging on the floor and fell into a shelf; will I be able to claim compensation for breaking my nose in Aldi and what must I do in order to start a claim?

You can claim compensation for breaking your nose in Aldi due to slipping on discarded packaging that had been carelessly left on the floor by a member of staff. Plastic wrappings and bindings can easily cause a customer to slip and fall, and the staff should have made sure that all packaging was removed from the shop floor after the shelves were replenished.

A failure to keep the grocery store floor clear from slip and trip hazards constitutes a failure in the duty of care owed to customers. When the duty of care is broken due to the negligence of a member of staff, personal injury compensation can usually be claimed.

Even though your accident appears to have been caused by negligence of the grocery store staff for leaving the plastic wrapping on the floor, it is still important for you to seek legal advice about making a claim for a broken nose in an accident in Aldi. The advice and assistance offered by a lawyer can help to ensure your claim for a broken nose in Aldi is successful, and that you can recover your full entitlement to personal injury compensation.

A claim for a broken nose in Aldi must be supported by evidence of negligence and this may be difficult to collect, since the hazard which caused your slip and fall will have been removed immediately after your accident. Proof of negligence will therefore have to come from statements taken from eye-witnesses to the accident and any members of staff who assisted you after the accident. It may also be possible to obtain security camera footage of the accident if the cameras were trained on the aisle where you had your accident, provided the camera data still exists.

A lawyer will contact the staff and eye-witnesses to take statements, and an access request will be made to the grocery store to release camera data (this is possible under the Data Protection Act 1998). Once your claim for a broken nose in an accident in Aldi has been prepared and evidence of negligence collected, a lawyer will initiate the claim and will attempt to negotiate a settlement of compensation for breaking your nose in Aldi with the grocery store’s insurance company.

One step you should take before contacting a personal injury lawyer – if you have not already done so – is to make sure your accident has been recorded in the grocery store’s accident book. It is important that a report is made as it can be used as evidence of the accident occurring in Aldi. This is especially important if you were unable to record the contact details of eye-witnesses to the accident, or if it is not possible to obtain security camera footage of the accident.

You will have all other procedures explained to you by your chosen lawyer, and you will receive advice on any other actions which need to be taken before your claim can be initiated.