Compensation for Bad Hair Colouring Treatment

An artist and painter, whose hair fell out following a hair treatment at a hair salon, has won her claim for compensation for bad hair colouring treatment at the High Court.

Aileen Dunleavy (40) sued Hair Republic for negligence and breach of care of duty towards her after her hair started to fall out following a treatment in the salon in March 2007.

Aileen alleged in her action that she had not been warned that the colouring treatment could have an adverse effect on her hair, and that the treatment itself was applied by a stylist who was both inexperienced and insufficiently skilled.

Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O´Neill heard at the High Court how Aileen had become socially withdrawn due to the sense of embarrassment she suffered as a result of what happened to her hair and had been unable to paint in a way that is meaningful to her.

Finding in favour of the claimant, Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O´Neill awarded Aileen £38,000 in compensation and said that what had happened to her as “a disaster”. The judge stated that he had no doubt that the hairdressing salon was completely responsible for Aileen’s trauma.