Claim for Tesco Worker Injury Compensation Resolved Without Court Action

A former Tesco employee who made a claim for Tesco worker injury compensation has accepted an undisclosed settlement shortly before her claim was due to be heard in court.

Shona Foreman (35) from Alloa in Clackmannanshire made the claim for Tesco worker injury compensation after her hand was damaged during a delivery to the Duloch Park superstore in Fife.  As the delivery was being made, Shona had moved to one side to allow a colleague to wheel their cage through to the warehouse. Due to the limited amount of space available, Shona´s colleague´s cage caught her own, and Shona´s hand was trapped between the two.

Shona was taken to hospital by her manager, where she was diagnosed with nerve damage and a soft tissue injury. However, on her return o work the following week, Shona was assigned a checkout role – which involved lifting heavy articles of customer´s shopping – which exacerbated her injury. Despite working through the pain with the assistance of painkillers, Shona also received a warning about the amount of time she had taken off from work.

Shona quit her job and, after seeking legal advice, made an accident in Tesco claim on the basis that her initial injury was caused by unsafe working practices at the Duloch Park store and that the injury had been aggravated by Tesco´s breach in their duty of care. Tesco initially denied the allegations but, shortly before Shona´s Tesco worker injury compensation claim was due to be heard in court, Tesco admitted their liability and made an undisclosed offer of Tesco worker injury compensation which Shona accepted on advice from her lawyer.