Claim for Mother Dying in Childbirth

The family of a woman who died from internal bleeding, shortly after giving birth, has been awarded almost £2m in a claim for a mother dying in childbirth.

Taz Kenefick (36), had been admitted to the maternity hospital to give birth to her second son in November 2004.

The birth became complicated as Mrs Kenefick developed an infection during her labour and had a condition in which the placenta was very deeply attached to her womb.

Following the birth of her son, Mrs Kenefick began to bleed very heavily and, despite the attention of her obstetric consultant, died on the operating table.

Her husband, Kevin, sued the consultant and the hospital, claiming clinical neglect, and Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill at the High Court heard that the hospital admitted liability just two weeks ago.

Awarding almost £2m to Mr Kenefick and his two children, Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neil announced that the action against the consultant was no longer going to be pursued.