£19k award in Claim for Injured Toe at Work

A postal worker, who had a toe injury inflicted at work has won his compensation claim at Court. He damaged the big toe on his right foot when a package of floorboards fell onto it.

Edward Pyne, aged 61, brought his claim against the postal service after the accident in November 2006 left him needing several operations for an ingrown toenail which had resulted from the injury. He also said that he had suffered from several infections which had developed in the injured toe.

The judge was told how the worker should have been supplied steel toe-capped boots as part of a postal worker’s uniform, but Edward had long worn out the pair that had been most recently given to him three years previously. Consequently the shoes he was wearing on the day of the incident offered insufficient protection against such an accident happening.

Liability was denied for the compensation claim, but Mr Matthew Deery heard evidence that many of Edward’s colleagues also failed to wear the obligatory steel toe-capped footwear, and had better staff supervision been provided, the accident could have been avoided.

Upholding Edward’s claim for injuries at work, the judge stated that he was satisfied that the postal service had not provided adequate protective footwear for their staff, and awarded Edward £19,300 in personal injury compensation.