Can I Claim for Cutting a Finger on Product Packaging in Aldi?

If you sustained a cut on faulty or broken product packaging while shopping in Aldi, you may be entitled to make a claim for a finger cut from Aldi product packaging against the store’s public liability insurance policy.

Aldi owes you a duty of care to ensure you can use the store safely; the aisles must be kept free from trip hazards, the store must be properly maintained and spillages should be cleaned up promptly. The same duty of care extends to the products on sale, and customers should not be exposed to an excessive risk of injury by handling the items sold by the grocery store.

While this duty of care is not absolute, and claims cannot be made for all accidents and injuries which occur in the store, you should be entitled to claim for cutting a finger on product packaging in Aldi. When items are put onto the shelves by the grocery store staff, each item should be checked to make sure it is not damaged or dangerous.

Although it may be the manufacturer of the products that is responsible for supplying products with damaged packaging, ultimately it is the duty of the grocery store staff to ensure that dangerous products never reach the shelves; although in some cases product packaging injury claims may need to be made against the manufacturer.

It is only possible to claim compensation for a finger cut in Aldi if your injury was severe enough to warrant a visit to hospital or a doctor, and if you required medical treatment you should consult a lawyer to discuss making product packaging injury claims.

Reporting Your Injury

It is essential that your injury is reported to the management to ensure that any faulty or damaged products can be removed from sale to prevent other customers from sustaining a similar injury. You may have made a verbal complaint before leaving the store to receive medical treatment, although this should also be made in writing at a later date.

The easiest way to do this is to make a report of your injury in the store’s accident book. The accident book report can then be used as evidence when you make a claim for cutting a finger on product packaging in Aldi, as it proves your injury was sustained in the store and not elsewhere where Aldi does not owe you a duty of care.

If you cut your finger, it is unlikely to have been possible to make a written report at the time, but you are entitled to return to the store and make an accident report after you have received treatment for your injury. You should detail the exact product that you were handling when you sustained your injury, the date and time of your visit, your full contact details and a brief summary of the injury you sustained. If you required stitches you should record this in the accident book report.

You do not need to make a copy for the report, as when you make your claim for a finger cut from Aldi product packaging, your lawyer will request a copy to submit in support of your claim for compensation for a finger cut in Aldi.

How Much Compensation for a Finger Cut in Aldi Can Be Claimed?

There are two aspects to a claim for compensation for a finger cut in Aldi. General damages covers the pain, suffering and ‘loss of amenity’ due to the injury and special damages covers financial losses.

Special damages are fairly straightforward to calculate, although legal advice should be sought from a personal injury lawyer to determine whether a cost or expense can be included in your claim for cutting a finger on product packaging in Aldi.

Typically special damages in a claim for a finger cut from Aldi product packaging can include prescription charges and other medical treatment costs, damage to clothing, unpaid time off work and any additional transportation costs which have been incurred due to your injury.

The amount of general damages in product packaging injury claims is more complicated to calculate, as a monetary value needs to be assigned to your pain and suffering and loss of quality of life. Your lawyer will consult a doctor before calculating general damages to establish the severity of your injury. If you have developed a scar after sustaining a cut to your finger, this can also be factored into your compensation amounts for general damages.

Speak with a Solicitor about Your Claim for a Finger Cut from Aldi Product Packaging

After receiving medical attention for your injury it is important to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer about making a claim for cutting a finger on product packaging in Aldi. Although it is probable that you will be entitled to claim compensation for a finger cut in Aldi, the right to take legal action should be confirmed. It is important that legal advice is sought promptly as this will help to ensure that the strongest possible claim can be prepared.

You will receive specific legal advice about how you can make product packaging injury claims, compensation amounts will be calculated and you will be told what the claims process is likely to entail. You will also be told if you are expected to cover any legal costs when you make a claim for a finger cut from Aldi product packaging.