Claim for a Back Injury from Slipping and Falling in Aldi

I need to claim for a back injury from slipping and falling in Aldi. I cannot afford to continue to pay my mortgage payments as I do not receive sick pay. How long will it take for me to receive compensation?

If you start a claim for a back injury from slipping and falling in Aldi promptly, you may receive an award of compensation in a matter of months, although this will depend on the strength of your case. Quick payments of compensation are usually only made when there is substantial evidence that an injury resulted from negligence of the grocery store staff.

If an insurance company is unlikely to be able to successfully defend a back injury claim for a fall in Aldi, liability for your injury should be accepted. Negotiations can then commence on compensation amounts. Simple claims may be resolved in a matter of weeks, although it can take months of negotiations before an appropriate settlement of back injury compensation for an accident in Aldi is agreed if liability is accepted, but the level of compensation is contested. It may even be necessary to take the case to court to agree on appropriate compensation amounts.

Fortunately, when liability for an injury is accepted, a lawyer can petition the courts to release a percentage of compensation to cover essential expenses, such as medical treatment costs and loss of earnings. If you do not receive sick pay, and have not been able to work due to your injury, the insurance company will have to cover your lost earnings and it is unlikely that this aspect of your claim will be contested (protracted negotiations are usually concerned with the level of general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity). It is therefore probable that a judge would order the insurer to release a proportion of compensation to cover your loss of earnings while negotiations continue on a final settlement amount.

The most important step to take to ensure that your back injury claim for a fall in Aldi is not delayed unnecessarily is to speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you claim compensation from Aldi for a back injury, the sooner you will be able to recover compensation to cover your mortgage payments and other essential costs. However, you should try to make some arrangements to cover your mortgage payments in the short term as it can take up to 14 weeks before liability is accepted or rejected by an insurance company.

The reason for this is that when you claim compensation from Aldi for a back injury, a ‘letter of claim’ must be sent to the grocery store’s insurance company. Two weeks must be allowed for the insurance company to acknowledge receipt of the letter of claim, and a further ninety days allowed for the insurer to respond. If funds are urgently required, a lawyer will make contact with the insurance company once the letter of claim has been sent, inviting the insurance company to settle the claim and pay back injury compensation for an accident in Aldi promptly.

However it would be unlikely that your claim for a back injury from slipping and falling in Aldi would be settled – or interim payments of compensation made – for at least three months after the initiation of the claim, although your lawyer will do everything possible to speed up the claims process.