£73k award in Children Bicycle Accident Injury Claim

A six year old boy, who was accidentally knocked from his bike by a neighbour, has had a children bicycle accident injury claim of £73,000 awarded in the High Court. Cian Ryan was cycling his bike along the street outside the home of his neighbour – Ms Kishwar Shafqat – in April 2009. Ms Shafqat accidentally knocked Cian from his bike while reversing in her car out of her drive, causing him to sustain terrible injuries to his leg.

In an action brought by Cian’s father, Eric, it was alleged that Ms Shafqat was negligent in that she had failed to keep a proper lookout as she was manoeuvring. Liability was not denied and the case had appeared before Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns for assessment of damages.

Before approving the award, the judge heard that Cian still walked with a limp due to the accident and had suffered recurring nightmares about the event. Having been advised that Cian was a Manchester United fan, the judge made it a condition of the settlement that £836 was set aside so that Cian and his family could visit Old Trafford to watch his favourite team in action.