Woman Awarded Compensation for the Failure to Conduct an MRI

A young Los Angeles woman has been awarded more than $7 million compensation for the failure to conduct an MRI, due to which she lost her leg to cancer. Anna Rahm from Woodland Hills in Los Angeles was just sixteen years of age when she attended the family chiropractor in January 2009, complaining of a … Read more

Compensation Claims for Negligent Burns Treatment Resolved in Court

Two compensation claims for negligent burns treatment at a Philadelphia hospital have been resolved after a hearing at the Court of Common Pleas. Antonio Crespo and Edward Torralvo were working at one of the latter´s rental projects in June 2011, when both men suffered burns to their fingers from handling hydrofluoric acid while cleaning bricks. … Read more

Developments Escalate in Las Vegas Claim for Elder Abuse

The discovery of a previously unreported complaint form has implicated an assistant physical therapist in a Las Vegas claim for elder abuse. The Las Vegas claim for elder abuse was made by the widow and daughter of Fredrick Knell – an eighty-nine year old resident of the Las Ventanas nursing facility in Summerlin, who was … Read more

Judge Awards $9.6 Million Compensation for Medical Malpractice at Birth

A judge has awarded a 3-year-old Californian girl $9.6 million compensation for medical malpractice at birth against the doctor who delivered her. At 11:00pm on 29th April 2012, the unnamed girl´s mother was admitted to the Banner-Lassen Hospital in Susanville, California, in the advanced stages of labor. At the time of her admission she was … Read more

Parents Awarded Compensation for a Lack of Care in a Nursing Home

An Orange County jury has awarded the parents of a boy who died after a seizure $10.2 million compensation for a lack of care in a nursing home. Kevin Barr was born seventeen weeks premature in 1997. At birth he weighed just more than one pound and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure … Read more

Family Awarded Compensation for a Fatal Fall from a Stretcher

The family of a woman who died following an accident prior to an ambulance transfer has been awarded compensation for a fatal fall from a stretcher. On January 31st 2009, Barbara Grimes (67) from Plymouth in Massachusetts underwent her regular dialysis treatment at the Fresenius Medical Care Center, and was being taken to an ambulance … Read more

Man Resolves Claim for Negligent Care following Knee Replacement Surgery

A man from Coldwater, Michigan, has resolved his claim for negligent care following knee replacement surgery at a hearing of the Branch County Circuit Court. In September 2011, James Dorstal (72) underwent knee replacement surgery at the Community Health Center of Branch County. During his recovery from the operation, James was fitted with a continuous … Read more

Jury Awards Compensation for an Injury due to a Tracheostomy

A jury in Pennsylvania has awarded a plaintiff $2.78 million compensation for an injury due to a tracheostomy after a hearing at the Delaware County Court. Bonnie Semple (56) was taken to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center in March 2009 after being injured in an auto accident. Bonnie was unconscious but underwent surgery for internal bleeding … Read more

Claim for Paralysis due to Medical Negligence Resolved in Court for $12.5 Million

A man´s claim for paralysis due to medical negligence has been resolved at the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County, PA, for $12.5 million. On 17th June 2011, fifty-seven year old Kenneth Del Grosso from Upper Darby in Delaware County, PA, went to the Emergency Room of Delaware County Memorial Hospital complaining of a … Read more

Court Upholds Settlement of Compensation for Oxygen Deprivation at Birth

The Philadelphia Superior Court has upheld a $32.8 million settlement of compensation for oxygen deprivation at birth awarded to a six-year-old girl. On 14th November 2008, Leslie Proffitt gave birth to daughter – Lillian – by an emergency cesarean section that had been necessitated by a sudden drop in the fetal heartrate. However, a significant … Read more

Man Awarded $3.7 Million Compensation for the Misdiagnosis of Skin Cancer

A man from New York has been awarded $3,706,000 compensation for the misdiagnosis of skin cancer by a jury at the Nassau County Supreme Court. In June 2012, John Ficke (52) had a biopsy performed on a lesion on his sternum, which was diagnosed by pathologist Dr. Asher Rabinowitz from the Columbia University College of … Read more

Jury Awards $3 Million Compensation for Unnecessary Skin Graft Surgery

A man who burned himself in a cooking accident has been awarded $3 million compensation for unnecessary skin graft surgery by a jury in Philadelphia. On May 1st 2011, Wismond Brissett (45) was frying fish in his kitchen when the cooking grease caught fire. The flames from the burning grease flared up and burned Wismond … Read more

Birth Injury Compensation for Damaged Nerves Awarded at Court

A boy from Grand Falls in Michigan has been awarded $9.43 million birth injury compensation for damaged nerves after a jury hearing in Kent County. Digby Maring (now 4½ years of age) was born weighing 9 lbs in October 2009. His mother´s pregnancy had been without complications until Digby developed shoulder dystocia during the later … Read more

Medical Negligence Claim for an Avoidable Stroke Resolved in Court

A jury in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, has awarded $7.4 million compensation to a man after hearing his medical negligence claim for an avoidable stroke. On April 16, 2010, Finis Cuff (61) from Darby in Delaware County visited his physician – Dr Douglas L Keagle – at the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital for a check-up and to … Read more

Claim for an Injury due to a Negligent Hair Removal Treatment Resolved in Court

A claim for an injury due to a negligent hair removal treatment has been resolved in court with the plaintiff being awarded $1.5 million. Paige Peterson (22), a student from Hunterdon County in New Jersey, made her claim for an injury due to a negligent hair removal treatment after visiting the Hunterdon Family Practice and … Read more

Patient Who Lost Sight during Operation Wins Claim against Surgical Consultant

A compensation claim against a surgical consultant has been settled at the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County in favor of a patient who lost his sight due to medical malpractice. In 2008, Bruce Drainer met with surgical consultant Dr Hagop DerKrikorian at the Riddle Memorial Hospital in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, to seek treatment … Read more

Brain-Damaged Woman to get Compensation for Administration of Wrong Medicine

A woman who suffered brain damage after being injected with a nasal decongestant instead of an anesthetic has been awarded $5.1 million compensation for the administration of the wrong medicine by a court in Philadelphia. On 7 June 2010, Jacqueline DiTore attended the Abington Surgical Centre in Pennsylvania for elective surgery her nose. Prior to … Read more

Girl Awarded $32.8 Million Compensation for Birth Injuries due to Nursing Negligence

A girl has been awarded $32.8 million compensation for birth injuries due to nursing negligence following a hearing at the Chester County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania. On 14 November 2009, Leslie Ciechoski was admitted to the Phoenixville Hospital, having gone into labor after a relatively smooth pregnancy. However, at around 1.00am the following … Read more

Compensation Claims for Diagnostic Errors Outnumber other Malpractice Lawsuits

Researchers at the John Hopkins University have revealed that compensation claims for diagnostic errors outnumber any other type of medical malpractice lawsuit. A team led by Associate Professor of Neurology David E Newman-Toker at the Baltimore University studied medical malpractice compensation claims settled between 1986 and 2010, and found that 28.6 percent of all medical … Read more

Judge Upholds Settlement of Surgical Complications Compensation Claim

A Pennsylvania judge has upheld the $19.5 million settlement of a surgical complications compensation claim made by the widower of a woman who underwent polyp removal surgery and later died from complications. Mariann Pomroy (57) from Langhorne in Pennsylvania attended the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania on 22 October 2008 to have a polyp … Read more

Court Approves Compensation for Hospital Mistakes

A court in Leeds has approved a settlement of compensation for hospital mistakes made during the birth of a young girl who now suffers from athetoid cerebral palsy. Judge Mark Gosnell at the High Court in Leeds was told of the circumstances preceding the birth of Ruby Curtis from Garforth in West Yorkshire; who was … Read more

Injury Claims for NHS Negligence Increase by More Than 18 Percent

Figures released by the Compensation Recovery Unit of the DWP have revealed an 18.4 percent in the number of injury claims for NHS negligence settled in the past year. According to statistics recently published, the Compensation Recovery Unit recovered state benefits and healthcare costs from 16,006 injury claims for NHS negligence in 2012/2013 – an … Read more

Claim for the Misdiagnosis of Terminal Lung Cancer Resolved Out of Court

A family´s claim for the misdiagnosis of terminal lung cancer has been resolved out of court following the death of Frank Golby in February 2012. Frank, who was aged 65 at the time of his death, had been referred to Coventry University Hospital in May 2010 by his family GP after complaining of a persistent … Read more

Woman Awarded Compensation for Failed Gastric Band Operation

A woman has been awarded £35,000 in compensation for a failed gastric band operation after doctors negligently failed to close an incision in her stomach which led to complications. Rachel Benefer (28) – a mother of two from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire – underwent the operation in 2007 at the Classic Hospital in Hull after her weight … Read more

High Court Upholds Nurse Manual Handling Injury Claim

The High Court in London has upheld a nurse manual handling injury claim for compensation after finding the senior nurse in question not guilty of contributing to her own injuries. In March 2008, senior nurse Sue Germaine was employed by Epsom Hospital in the Outpatients Department. Arriving early at work one morning to prepare the … Read more

Compensation for Fatal Negligent Hospital Procedure Awarded to Widower

The widower of a woman who died following a “routine” hernia operation is to receive £150,000 compensation for fatal negligent hospital procedure in an out-of-court settlement. Helen Blyth (79) underwent the hernia operation at Northampton General Hospital on 2nd March 2010 after being diagnosed with a large hiatus hernia which had entered her chest through … Read more

Hospital Negligence Compensation Liabilities Bankrupting NHS Claims CEO

The Chief Executive of the Medical Defence Union – Dr Christine Tomkins – has claimed that the current level of hospital negligence compensation settlements is bankrupting the National Health Service. Speaking a guest on the BBC´s ‘Today’ program, Dr Tomkins told presenter Justin Webb that, due to the Law Reform (Personal Injuries) Act of 1948, … Read more

Woman Receives Gynaecological Negligence Compensation after Inadvertent Termination

A woman, who was found to be fourteen weeks pregnant during a hysterectomy procedure, has successfully made a claim for gynaecological negligence compensation against the Royal Cornwall Hospital. The unnamed woman underwent the hysterectomy procedure in November 2007, during which it was discovered that she was fourteen weeks pregnant. The procedure had been allowed to … Read more

Hospital Admits Liability in Compensation Claims for Breast Screening Errors

The North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has admitted liability in three compensation claims for breast screening errors which erroneously indicated that the women were not suffering from breast cancer. The claims for compensation were made following the suspension of the breast screening service at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and the West Cumberland Hospital … Read more

Compensation Claim for Delayed Treatment Resolved in $8 Million Settlement

A family who made a claim for delayed treatment after their son suffered brain damage at birth are to receive a compensation package estimated to be worth six million pounds. Joseph O´Reggio (11) from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, was delivered at the city´s New Cross Hospital in April 2001 following an alleged failure by the hospital … Read more

102 Year Old to get Compensation for Premature Hospital Discharge

A 102 year old woman has been awarded compensation for a premature hospital discharge after she was sent home from a hospital accident and emergency department despite having sustained a broken pelvis. Lydia Eaton from Wigmore in Kent was taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham in March 2007 after experiencing a fall near … Read more

Compensation for Heart Surgery Negligence Awarded in Court

A girl, who suffered oxygen deprivation and physical disabilities for the first thirty years of her life due to a surgical error shortly after she was born, has been awarded 1 million dollars in compensation for heart surgery negligence by a jury in Los Angeles. The girl, who was not named in court, was born … Read more

Compensation for Quadriplegic Birth Injury due to Hospital Administration Negligence

A three-year-old boy, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries when his birth was delayed due to an “outdated, insensitive, and poorly maintained” ultrasound machine, has been awarded 78.5 million dollars in compensation for quadriplegic birth injury by a jury in Philadelphia. The Honourable Mark Bernstein and the jury at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas heard … Read more

Compensation for Fatal Delayed Treatment Awarded to Family

A Cork hospital has “apologised unreservedly” and paid 500,000 Euros in compensation for delayed treatment to the family of a man who died from septic shock after being admitted with abdominal pains. Barry Murphy (38) from Carrigaline in County Cork was admitted to the South Infirmary–Victoria University Hospital in the morning of 24th April 2008. … Read more

Shoulder dystocia injury claim leads to £387,000 award for boy (14)

A shoulder dystocia injury claim led to Mr Justice John Quirke having “no hesitation” in approving an award of £387,000 to 14-year-old Gavin Dowling as compensation for the afflication caused at birth. In a case brought by boy´s mother, Mary Dowling of Coon West, County Kildare, the defendants, Dr Ashraf Aziz and the South Eastern Health … Read more

Cerebral Palsy Birth Legal Claim results in £1.6m settlement

A six year old girl, who a cerebral palsy birth injury has seen her legal claim result in an interim settlement of £1.6m. Isabelle Sheehan was born with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Ms Sheehan sustained her birth due to the acknowledged negligence of Dr David Corr, who was practising privately from Bon Secours Maternity Hospital, Cork, … Read more

Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Compensation case results in £1.7m award

A young girl, who was found to have cerebral palsy shortly after her birth, has had a compensation settlement of £1.7m approved in the High Court. Deborah French, aged 24), was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after her birth in August 1987. Her parents brought a claim for birth injury compensation against consultant obstetrician Harry … Read more

Ectopic Pregnancy Negligence leads to £63k award to woman

A Tipperary woman has been awarded £63,000 in personal injury compensation following an ectopic pregnancy negligence case at the High Court. Anne English (47), who was sent between hospitals while in severe and continuous pain from her ectopic pregnancy, She underwent treated at the St Joseph’s Hospital, Clonmel, in 1996, with a suspected molar pregnancy – … Read more

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis by Hospital

A man, whose wife died from following a breast cancer misdiagnosis by a hospital £92,000 settlement approved in the High Court. Ann Moriaty was just 51 years old when initially diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2005. A mastectomy operation was carried out on her the following month, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy at St. … Read more

Birth Injuries and Medical Negligence in the UK see large settlement made

New figures have revealed that birth injuries and medical negligence in the UK are the single biggest contributor to the increase in medical compensation cases. The highest awards for birth injuries typically involve cases where babies are starved of oxygen at birth. Low standards of care during maternity has been a common factor in many … Read more