Woman Claims Compensation for an Accident at Dollywood

A woman is claiming compensation for an accident at Dollywood in which she suffered multiple injuries due to allegedly falling from an amusement ride. In December 2014, Tedi Brown, her husband Derryl and five of the couple´s children visited the Dollywood amusement park in Tennessee. Despite the inclement weather, the family was assured that the … Read more

Jury Awards Compensation for an Injury on a Roller Coaster Ride

A jury in Brooklyn has awarded a woman $600,000 compensation for an injury on a roller coaster ride after allocating her 60% comparative negligence. Paula Noone (52) from Tucson, Arizona, made her claim for compensation for an injury on a roller coaster ride after riding on the Cyclone Roller Coaster in Coney Island on June … Read more

Compensation Claim for a Skiing Injury Resolved after Court Hearing

A compensation claim for a skiing injury – brought by a woman who was paralyzed in an accident on a beginner ski slope – has been resolved following a hearing at the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. In March 2012, Leslie McLaughlin went skiing at the Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, Southern California, with … Read more