Car Accident Death Award of more than £83,500

The family of a mother and child, who were both tragically killed in a road traffic accident which occurred in 2006, have been awarded more than £83,500 in a car accident death award. Both Yvonne Mahoney (24) and her daughter, Bobbi-Ann (2), were killed when an automobile driven by Yvonne’s partner John Maloney (33) was struck by another car as it exited the crossroads junction on July 9 2006. Mr Maloney also lost his life in the accident.

In litigation brought by Yvonne´s widowed mother, Mary (56), it was alleged that local council had failed to maintain clear vision at the junction by not cutting down, pruning or trimming the trees and hedges on the side of the road. It was also alleged that they did not erect yield or stop signs.

Mrs Mahoney also sued John Maloney’s estate, claiming that Mr. Maloney had been negligent on the day of the accident by way of his driving. It was claimed that Mr Maloney had caused Mrs Maloney and her eight other children to suffer mental distress. In the High Court, Judge Mr. Justice Moriarty heard that liability had been withdrawn, and awarded Mrs Mahoney and the family of Yvonne and Bobbi-Ann a compensation settlement of £83,500 plus costs.