Burned by Hot Tea in McDonalds

It is quite conceivable that if you have burned by hot tea in McDonalds, you could have suffered a debilitating injury which – added to causing you significant pain – has prevented you from leading your regular day-to-day life and, consequently, suffering financially.

In circumstances where your injury due to a burn in McDonalds could have been avoided were it not for the carelessness of a restaurant worker or the negligence of the company, you are entitled to claim compensation for a burn in McDonalds.

Always Seek Medical Attention for a McDonalds Burn Injury

However, before speaking with a lawyer to discuss your eligibility to make claims for having been burned in McDonalds, it is essential that you have undergone a professional medical exam so that details of your McDonalds burn injury are recorded in your medical history.

Thereafter, it is in your best interests to speak with a lawyer at the first practical opportunity to explain the circumstances of your burn accident in McDonalds and to receive advice tailored to your own personal situation which will enable you to determine whether you have a claim for having burned by hot tea in McDonalds which worth your while to pursue.

Establishing Negligence in Claims for having been Burned in McDonalds

To support claims for having been burned in McDonalds evidence of negligence has to be gathered. This can comprise of photographs of the hazard which was responsible for your McDonalds burn injury, statements from staff members and other customers witnessed your accident or – if it is available – footage from a CCTV security camera. At a time when you are recovering from your injuries, it may not always be possible for you to gather everything you need to make a claim for an injury due to a burn in McDonalds – in which case, please ask your lawyer for help.

Making a Claim for a Burn Accident in McDonalds

Once evidence of negligence has been gathered, your lawyer will advise the restaurant´s public liability insurers that you are making a compensation claim for a burn accident in McDonalds. The insurance company is allowed ninety days in which to accept liability for your injuries and enter into negotiations to settle your claim for compensation for a burn in McDonalds. In the unlikely event that the insurer denies liability, your lawyer will issue court proceedings to resolve your claim for having been burned by hot tea in McDonalds.