Former BT Engineer to get Compensation for Mesothelioma Cancer

A former BT engineer is to get compensation for mesothelioma cancer after a judge in Bristol found BT negligent for exposing their employee to asbestos during his 27 years of employment with the company.

Frederick Vincent (76) from Shiphay in Torquay was awarded an interim payment of compensation for mesothelioma cancer after the court heard that he had been exposed to asbestos while working as an engineer for BT from 1962 until 1989.

During his time with the British Telecommunications PLC, Frederick explained that he frequently had to work in close proximity to asbestos lagged pipes and drill through asbestos insulation boards to gain access to telephone wires.

The court also heard that Frederick was diagnosed with aggressive mesothelioma cancer on his fiftieth wedding anniversary earlier this year – attributable, according to medical experts testifying on Frederick´s behalf, to his exposure to asbestos during the 1960s and 1970s.

The judge found in Frederick´s favour and awarded him a five-figure interim payment of compensation for mesothelioma cancer – with the full settlement of BT engineer compensation for mesothelioma cancer to be determined at a later date.

The interim compensation payment will be used to provide Frederick with private nursing care and medical equipment to help him through his illness. The family also hope to buy a car in order that Frederick´s wife – Jean – can take him to health appointments.

Footnote February 2012: Frederick Vincent passed away in January 2012 due to malignant mesothelioma cancer.