Broken Leg on Construction Site Claims

How can workers know if they are eligible to pursue broken leg on construction site claims? I recently suffered a broken leg after falling from some weak scaffolding. Since the accident I have not been able to return to work or pursue any of the leisure activities which I enjoy in my free time.

Construction workers may pursue broken leg on construction site claims if a third party is responsible for their injuries. If your employer is proven to have allowed you to come to harm by not fulfilling their obligations under the duty of care they are legally required to provide you and your colleagues with, a claim for compensation would most likely need to be made against your employer.

Under their duty of care, employers are obliged to carry out risk assessments to evaluate the safety of the premises on which their employees work, and rid the area of any potential hazards. If you believe that the scaffolding from which you fell was a danger to you and your fellow workers, you may be entitled to claim for broken leg construction site compensation.

There is also the possibility that you may have contributed to your own accident. For example, if you knew the scaffolding was unsafe prior to using it, you may be found to have contributed to your accident and you may have to forfeit a portion of your compensation award to reflect your own lack of care. It is important that potential claimants find out whether contributory negligence may be a factor in their broken leg on construction site claims and in order to do this, potential claimants should speak with a lawyer at the first possible opportunity. You should always make a lawyer aware of the possibility of contributory negligence playing a part in your construction site broken leg claim in the initial consultation that most lawyers offer without charge.

To learn more about pursuing broken leg on construction site claims, and find out how much compensation you may be entitled to, speak with an experienced injury claims lawyer at the first available opportunity.