Compensation for Breaking a Leg Falling in a Grocery Store

Does a time limit apply when you’re claiming compensation for breaking la eg falling in a grocery store?

Whether it is a claim for compensation for breaking a leg falling in a grocery store or another sort of claim entirely, the USA Statute of Limitations is going to affect the amount of time you have in which to make a claim. The Statute of Limitations was established in 1980 as part of the Limitation Act in order to ensure that potential claimants could only pursue a claim while the accident was still recent and also so that litigation would not be a constant worry for those who could be considered to be the negligent party.

The time limit that generally applies to claims, and that would probably apply to your breaking a leg in grocery store claim, is three years. Typically the time limit begins on the date that you became aware that you sustained injury, which would usually be the day that you were involved in the accident. In your case, the time limit would begin on the day that you sustained your grocery store falling injury. Sometimes, for instance, in the case of contracting certain illness, the time limit would begin on the day that you discovered you had the disease. This day is known as the “Date of Knowledge”. However, it is unlikely this would apply in your case as it would be impossible not to notice that you had seriously damaged your leg. Furthermore, it is always in your best interest to obtain professional medical attention at the first possible moment after having an accident to find out what your specific injury is. This will also demonstrate that you have a regard for your health, as no amount of compensation is worth the sort of lifelong disability that an untreated injury could manifest in.

The time limit pursuing compensation for breaking a leg falling in a grocery store could be extended or shortened depending on certain circumstances. For example, if it was a child who sustained this grocery store falling injury, the Statute of Limitations applies somewhat differently. Because children are not permitted by law to advise a lawyer or pursue a breaking leg in grocery store claim on their own behalf, the time limit imposed by the Statute of Limitations does not begin until they turn eighteen. However, if a parent or guardian wanted to, they could make a claim on behalf of their child in the meantime as their “litigation friend”.

The time limit for making a claim will vary depending on the situation, so it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury claims lawyer at the first possible moment. They will be able to evaluate your potential claim based on the circumstances in which your injury occurred, inform you of how the Statute of Limitations will apply to you and also advise you of whether or not your claim is worth pursuing. If they think that it is of sufficient strength, they may offer to represent when you pursue compensation for breaking a leg falling in a grocery store.