Bouncy Castle Injury Claims

A bouncy castle injury claim has resulted in an award being made to a young boy in a child. Sam Harris (11) was brain damaged when a young boy of 15 kicked him in the head during a somersault. The incident occured two years ago has left Sam Harris in need of constant care.  The resulting child accident injury compensation claim has led to a £1 Million compensation payment.

A compensation case was taken by Janet and David Harris against the parents (Catherine and Timothy Perry) who had hired the bouncy castle on the basis of poor supervision, especially allowing older children by younger children.  The judge ruled on the subject of liability by saying that “The risks of a damaging collision are manifestly enhanced by mixing children of different sizes.”

The household insurance policy of Catherine and Timothy Perry will pay the compensation award.

The legal action was considered to be a landmark case in the UK because it sets the precedent that the person hiring a bouncy castle is liable for injuries suffered by children using the bouncy castle.