Award for Asbestos-related Cancer at Work

A Californian man, who contracted cancer after working with brake linings that contained asbestos, has been approved for an award for asbestos-related cancer at work of almost £11m in a in a court hearing.

Gordon Bankhead (66), was employed worked at the Sea-Land Shipping Company for more than 30 years. During these years, his duties included inspecting the brakes on heavy duty vehicles, and grinding, blowing out and fitting new brakes where needed.

It was this exposure to the asbestos in these components, which resulted in Gordon being diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in March 2010. In the legal action against his former employers, evidence was shown to the jury that the Sea-Land Shipping Company was fully aware that asbestos was present in the linings of the brakes, but failed to provide warnings to its customers and employees.

As a result, the jury subsequently awarded Gordon and his family an overall settlement award of £11m to compensate him for his economic loss, pain and suffering and punitive damages.