Ankle Injury at Work Claims

A New York City sanitation engineer, who took a case for an ankle injury at work claim when a colleague ran over his leg in a forklift truck, has accepted £3.3m in compensation in an out-of-court settlement.

Andrew Anderson (37) from New York City, was aiding a colleague attach a snow plough to the forklift truck when the accident happened in early 2008. His co-worker accidently ran across his ankle, causing a severe ankle fracture which required two surgeries to correct.

Andrew also picked up reflex sympathetic dystrophy during post-operative complications and sustained foot drop – for which he now needs the use of a foot brace. Since the incident occured, Andrew has not been able to work and been forced to take early retirement from the City of New York.

After seeing his legal representatives, Andrew sued the City of New York for his injuries. Liability went undisputed and the case was heard in the New York Supreme Court for final assessment of damages. However, prior to the jury beginning their deliberations, lawyers on the two sides reached an agreed settlement of £3.3m to compensate Andrew for personal injury, lost earnings and loss of consortium.