Adverse Reaction to PPD Hair Dye Leaves Mother in Coma

A mother of two has been given an 8 per cent chance of surviving a coma which medical experts believe may have been caused by an adverse reaction to PPD hair dye.

Julie McCabe (38) from Keighley, West Yorkshire, collapsed at her home on 30th October after using a L’Oreal Preferences hair dye containing the chemical para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) – the same chemical which was blamed for the death of Tabatha McCourt at the beginning of October.

According to her father, Keith Miller, Julie emerged from dyeing her hair struggling for breath and he rushed her to the local Airedale General Hospital. During the journey to the hospital, Julie´s heart stopped beating and, although she was resuscitated on her arrival, Julie was diagnosed with brain damage and lapsed into a coma.

Doctors investigating the cause of Julie´s condition have attributed it to an adverse reaction to PPD hair dye, although further tests are being conducted as Julie regularly dyed her hair every six weeks. Julie´s father believes that a build-up of the chemical was responsible for the adverse reaction to PPD hair dye as Julie conducted the recommended patch test on each occasion she used the hair product.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer of the hair dye, L´Oreal, stated that they were very concerned about the adverse reaction to PPD hair dye and the company has offered to provide samples of their product for testing.