Glass Ban Introduced to Reduce Accidents on Las Vegas Strip

Clark County Commissioners have approved a ban on all glass containers between Russell Road and Sahara Avenue to reduce the number of accidents on Las Vegas Strip.

From September 26th, everybody carrying a drink along Las Vegas Boulevard must do so in a plastic or paper container according to a new ordinance announced by Clark County Commissioners this week. The move comes in an attempt to reduce accidents on Las Vegas Strip and reduce the potential for injuries from violence, but the new law has been met with criticism by some bar and store owners.

The ordinance was approved after the Deputy Chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department – Todd Fasulo – gave evidence to Commissioners that a ban on glass containers would help keep the resort corridor clean and cut down on the injuries from violence. Deputy Chief Fasulo said that there had been an increase in violent crime since 2011 where glass containers had been involved and one recent homicide.

However, Barry Yost – owner of a 7-Eleven franchise on the Strip – argued that there was not that amount of garbage on the Strip and that the move to ban glass could be detrimental to tourism in the area. He claims that making visitors to Las Vegas drink from plastic and paper containers will reduce the enjoyment of their experience and they will start to visit less often.

Local tourists were divided on the issue – some claiming that any move to reduce accidents on Las Vegas Strip was a good one, especially when a high volume of alcohol was being consumed, while others believed that the ordinance was not in keeping with the Strip´s reputation as a non-stop party venue.

How difficult the ordinance will be to enforce after September 26th is an issue for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who will have the powers to charge people drinking from glass containers and fine them for a misdemeanor.