About GreenRock Law

About GreenRock Law

GreenRock Law is an innovative, cost-effective provider of legal services to the cannabis industry. Our team of highly-trained legal and business experts help you take your cannabis business to the next level by optimizing your legal strategy and formation, by protecting your intellectual property rights and by helping you successfully navigate the complex regulatory framework for operating a cannabis business.

Our services include:

  • Business formation services.
  • Entity selection and registration.
  • Financing and capital contribution negotiations.
  • Commercial contracts and corporate transactions.
  • Employment contracts and dispute resolution.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • State and municipal license application assistance.
  • Operation plans required by state and municipalities.
  • Complying with legal compliance audits.
  • Tax audits, compliance and debt resolutions.
  • Specialty license revocation denials.
  • Fines, sanctions and penalties for violations.

Why Go “Green”?

At GreenRock Law, our maxim of “Creative Minds. Problem Solvers. Believers” not only applies to our services while we help you to set up your cannabis business, but also once your business has become established. Our expertise will help guide you through the frequently-changing compliance landscape to ensure that your cannabis business remains as successful as the first day you opened your doors.

As well as being “Green” in name, we are also “Green” in nature. Wherever possible we advise the cannabis business on the benefits of environmentally-friendly cannabis products that do not rely on the use of pesticides. Some states already require growers to follow organic practices, while others require businesses applying for a dispensary license to have a knowledge of organic practices.

Certainly, as concerns are raised about the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation, it is likely that more states will adopt green regulations for the cannabis industry. Make sure you are fully informed about the financial, environment and legislative benefits of environmentally-friendly cannabis by talking with the team at GreenRock Law.