Target Parking Lot Accident Claims

If you have sustained an injury in the parking lot of a Target grocery store you may be entitled to make Target parking lot accident claims to recover medical expenses and loss of earnings, in addition to being awarded recompense for any pain and suffering which you have suffered.

Provided you were not to blame for the accident in a Target parking lot and it can be attributed to the negligence of the grocery store, the stores public liability insurance policy should pay out an award of compensation.

Target parking lot accident claims can only be made if the accident was caused by negligence of the grocery store, such as failing to maintain the parking lot to an acceptable standard. A claim for a Target parking lot accident may also be possible for a slip and fall on a slippery surface, a trip in a pothole or for poorly gritted surfaces in winter. The best way to check if a claim for Target parking lot accident compensation is possible is to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Making a quick call to our accident claims helpline is the best way to get accurate injury claims advice and to confirm whether you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. We recommend calling our helpline as soon as possible for legal advice about Target parking lot injury compensation.

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