Las Vegas Man Claiming Compensation for Burns from an E-Cigarette Battery

A Las Vegas man is claiming compensation for burns from an e-cigarette battery that exploded in his trouser pocket, leaving him hospitalized for two days. Daniel King (22), a slot technician from Las Vegas, was writing up notes in his car on February 8 2016, when he heard a loud “air-releasing noise”. The next second, … Read more

Jury Awards $72 Million Compensation for Ovarian Cancer Caused by Talc

A jury at the Missouri Circuit Court has awarded the estate of a Birmingham, Alabama woman $72 million compensation for ovarian cancer caused by talc. In October 2015, Jackie Fox (62) lost her battle against ovarian cancer two years after being diagnosed with the condition. Before she died, Jackie – who had used Johnson & … Read more

Risperdal Side Effect Compensation Claim Resolved in Philadelphia Court

A Risperdal side effect compensation claim has been resolved in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia in favor of the twenty-one year old plaintiff. Wisconsin-born Timothy Strange was first prescribed the antipsychotic drug Risperdal to help control his symptoms of Tourette´s syndrome when he was eleven years of age in 2005. Over the next … Read more

Senator Makes Compensation Claim for an Injury from Faulty Exercise Equipment

Nevada Senator Harry Reid has made a compensation claim for an injury from faulty exercise equipment against the makers of the TheraBand resistance band. According to documents filed with the Clark County District Court, the compensation claim for an injury from faulty exercise equipment was filed by both Senator Reid and his wife – Landra … Read more

Family Awarded Compensation for Burn Injuries due to Heater Safety Failings

A Californian jury has awarded a family compensation for injuries due to heater safety failings following a fire at their home which a woman died. On 5th January 2011, Kenneth and Amy Shinedling were sleeping in the master bedroom of their home in Piñon Hills, Los Angeles, when a fire started in the room. Kenneth … Read more

Compensation Claims for Rejuvenate Hip Implants take a Step Forward

Compensation claims for Rejuvenate hip implants have taken a step forward with the announcement that twenty cases sent for mediation have been resolved. Stryker´s Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants were recalled in 2012 after it was found that cobalt and chromium was leaching from the implants and causing inflammation, tissue wear and the failure … Read more

Settlement of ASR Hip Replacement Injury Compensation Proposed by DePuy

DePuy Orthopedics has announced a proposed settlement of ASR hip replacement compensation for plaintiffs who underwent revision surgery due to a failed DePuy ASR hip replacement system prior to 31 August 2013. The proposal applies to any person who has undergone revision surgery to replace a failed DePuy ASR hip replacement – irrespective of whether … Read more

Jury Awards Teenage Driver $14 Million in Airbag Injury Compensation

A jury has awarded a teenage driver, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when his car hit a tree, $14 million in airbag injury compensation after a hearing in the State of Virginia Circuit Court. Zachary Duncan from Radford, Virginia, was just sixteen years of age when the Hyundai Tiberon he was driving left the … Read more

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Hearing Put Back Again

The twice-postponed DePuy ASR hip replacement hearing has been delayed once again – on this occasion due to a change of plaintiff and a ruling about referring to the DePuy recall in court as evidence. The first scheduled Federal DePuy ASR hip replacement hearing was put back again last week after the parties in McCracken -v- … Read more

Judge Denies Johnson & Johnson New DePuy Court Case

A Judge in California has denied Johnson & Johnson´s appeal for a new DePuy court case and allowed the jury´s decision in the case of Loren Kransky -v- DePuy Orthopedics to stand. In March this year, a Los Angeles jury awarded former prison officer Loren Kransky $8.3 million in a DePuy hip compensation settlement after finding DePuy … Read more

DePuy to Cease Production of Pinnacle Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Systems

DePuy Orthopedics Inc has announced it will cease production and sales of its Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip replacement systems by August this year. The announcement to cease the production and sale of Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip replacement systems coincides with the start of the Multi District Litigation being heard in Ohio (DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. ASR Hip Implant … Read more

US Jury Awards $8.3 Million DePuy Hip Compensation Settlement

The first recalled ASR hip replacement claim to be heard in court in the USA has resulted in the jury awarding a former prison officer an $8.3 million DePuy hip compensation settlement. Loren Kransky (65) from South Dakota made the recalled ASR hip replacement claim for compensation after his doctor attributed certain health problems he … Read more

First MDL DePuy Hip Implant Case to be Heard in May

The first Multi District Litigation DePuy hip implant case – which will establish a benchmark of how much compensation for a faulty DePuy hip implant many thousands of plaintiffs should be entitled to receive – is set to be heard in May. Judge David A. Katz announced that the “Bellwether” trial of Faye Dorney-Madgitz v … Read more

DePuy Settles ASR Hip Replacement Claims Out of Court

The three Nevada-based ASR hip replacement claims against DePuy Orthopedics, which were scheduled to be the first jury cases to be heard against the company, have been settled out of court. Annelise Rundle (74), Martha Bender (69) and Katherine Guy (60) from Las Vegas in Nevada had all undergone DePuy ASR hip replacement surgery within … Read more

Bumbo Baby Sitter Recall Could Lead to Claims for Baby Injury Compensation

Following the recall of the popular Bumbo Baby Sitters in the US and Canada, parents in the UK are waiting to see if the recall will be extended to Europe and how that will affect their rights to make claims for baby injury compensation if their child has sustained an injury due to the negligent … Read more

First DePuy Hip Replacement Court Cases Set for December

Following the latest status conference in Ohio between solicitors representing victims of the recalled DePuy Orthopedics faulty hip replacement systems, the first DePuy hip replacement court cases are to be scheduled for December 2012. However, this first round of DePuy court cases will not be filed by plaintiffs in the multi-district litigation (MDL) but, in a … Read more

Latest News on Hip Replacement Recall Legal Action

The latest news on the hip replacement recall made by DePuy in August 2010 surrounds the disclosure of communications between plaintiffs, DePuy Orthopedics and their agents – Broadspire Services. In September, Judge David A. Katz – the judge assigned to hear the multi district litigation case in Toledo, Ohio – issued Case Management Orders for … Read more

Former “Poster Girl” Sues DePuy Orthopedics for Faulty Hip System

A former gymnast, who promoted the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement System prior to the product´s worldwide recall last year, is making a personal injury compensation claim against DePuy Orthopedics for a faulty hip system following difficulties with her own DePuy ASR XL hip replacement. Penny Brown (51) of Bath in the UK had hip replacement surgery in … Read more

Claim for Blood Poisoning Injury Made Against DePuy

A claim for blood poisoning injury has been made against DePuy Orthopedics by a woman who received her DePuy ASR hip replacement system as recently as November 2009. The claim, made by Delores Hatcher from Wheeling, West Virginia, follows the results of a blood test in April 2011 which indicated high levels of chromium-1 and … Read more

Disclosure Begins in DePuy Injury Compensation Claims

Disclosure has begun in the multi-district litigation case against DePuy Orthopedics on behalf of thousands of Americans who have made DePuy injury compensation claims following the recall of the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular hip replacement systems last August. During the preliminary disclosure, depositions will be taken from three DePuy executives to ascertain the company´s corporate … Read more