Hospital to Appeal Award of Compensation for an Adverse Reaction to Anti-Coagulant Medication

A $44 million award of compensation for an adverse reaction to anti-coagulant medication will be appealed by the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. In September 2011, fifty-seven year old Andrea Tate was admitted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to have a meningioma removed from inside her head. Despite this being considered … Read more

Jury Awards $72 Million Compensation for Ovarian Cancer Caused by Talc

A jury at the Missouri Circuit Court has awarded the estate of a Birmingham, Alabama woman $72 million compensation for ovarian cancer caused by talc. In October 2015, Jackie Fox (62) lost her battle against ovarian cancer two years after being diagnosed with the condition. Before she died, Jackie – who had used Johnson & … Read more

Compensation Claims for Negligent Burns Treatment Resolved in Court

Two compensation claims for negligent burns treatment at a Philadelphia hospital have been resolved after a hearing at the Court of Common Pleas. Antonio Crespo and Edward Torralvo were working at one of the latter´s rental projects in June 2011, when both men suffered burns to their fingers from handling hydrofluoric acid while cleaning bricks. … Read more

Risperdal Side Effect Compensation Claim Resolved in Philadelphia Court

A Risperdal side effect compensation claim has been resolved in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia in favor of the twenty-one year old plaintiff. Wisconsin-born Timothy Strange was first prescribed the antipsychotic drug Risperdal to help control his symptoms of Tourette´s syndrome when he was eleven years of age in 2005. Over the next … Read more

Claim for an Injury due to a Negligent Hair Removal Treatment Resolved in Court

A claim for an injury due to a negligent hair removal treatment has been resolved in court with the plaintiff being awarded $1.5 million. Paige Peterson (22), a student from Hunterdon County in New Jersey, made her claim for an injury due to a negligent hair removal treatment after visiting the Hunterdon Family Practice and … Read more

Judge Upholds Award of Compensation for Drug Side Effects

A judge in Philadelphia has upheld a jury decision to award $11.6 million compensation for drug side effects to the family of a young boy who was born with a cleft palate and unilateral cleft lip. In November 2013, Haley Powell and Michael Gurley from South Carolina successfully sued Janssen Pharmaceuticals for the side effects … Read more

Brain-Damaged Woman to get Compensation for Administration of Wrong Medicine

A woman who suffered brain damage after being injected with a nasal decongestant instead of an anesthetic has been awarded $5.1 million compensation for the administration of the wrong medicine by a court in Philadelphia. On 7 June 2010, Jacqueline DiTore attended the Abington Surgical Centre in Pennsylvania for elective surgery her nose. Prior to … Read more

Decision on Claims for Side Effects to an HPV Vaccine Not Expected Until 2014

A decision on two sisters´ claims for side effects to an HPC vaccine is not expected until early 2014 following a hearing at the US Federal Claims Court last week. Madelyne Meylor (20) and Olivia Meylor (19) from Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, both claim that they suffered side effects from the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) vaccine … Read more

Compensation for Fatal Negligent Hospital Procedure Awarded to Widower

The widower of a woman who died following a “routine” hernia operation is to receive £150,000 compensation for fatal negligent hospital procedure in an out-of-court settlement. Helen Blyth (79) underwent the hernia operation at Northampton General Hospital on 2nd March 2010 after being diagnosed with a large hiatus hernia which had entered her chest through … Read more

Compensation for Allergic Reaction to Eyebrow Wax Treatment Approved in Court

A 17-year-old girl has had a settlement of compensation for an allergic reaction to eyebrow wax approved in court. The unnamed teenager suffered the allergic reaction after visiting the Crop Beauty Salon in October 2011 where, after her eyebrow treatment had finished, she continued to experience a burning sensation. By the time the girl returned … Read more

Lords Debate Health Risk of para-Phenylenediamine in Hair Dye

The House of Lords recently conducted a debate on the health risks of para-Phenylensiamine in hair dye to raise awareness of the known health issues associated with the chemical, and to ask the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State what steps were being taken by the Government to warn consumers in the UK of its potential risks. … Read more

Adverse Reaction to PPD Hair Dye Leaves Mother in Coma

A mother of two has been given an 8 per cent chance of surviving a coma which medical experts believe may have been caused by an adverse reaction to PPD hair dye. Julie McCabe (38) from Keighley, West Yorkshire, collapsed at her home on 30th October after using a L’Oreal Preferences hair dye containing the … Read more

PPD Chemicals in Hair Dye Blamed for Teenage Girl´s Death

A preliminary investigation into the death of Tabatha McCourt has suggested that PPD chemicals in hair dye she was using at the time were responsible for causing the violent fit which lead to the teenager´s death. Tabatha (17) from Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, had been dyeing her hair with a hair product containing para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) at … Read more