Claim for Slipping on Wet Steps in a Theater

If I claim for slipping on wet steps in a theater what will I be compensated for?

There are a number of factors that will be taken into account when your claim for slipping on wet steps in a theater is being calculated. A personal injury claims lawyer with experience in theater related claims who has knowledge of the accident in which you sustained your injury will be able to give you information that is more specific to your particular situation. Some of the areas that should be relevant to your accident on wet steps compensation claim will be general damages, loss of amenity and special damages.

General damages will be the area of your claim for slipping on wet steps in a theater that takes into account the pain and suffering you have experienced due to the injury you have sustained. When special damages are being calculated generally the injured party’s age, sex and general state of health before the accident are evaluated. General damages will not only cover the impact of physical injuries but also psychological injury.

You should therefore try to keep note of any instances when your slipping in a theater injury has caused you to feel anxiety, or if it has prevented you from partaking in day to day life. This is what is known as “loss of amenity”. It relates to your ability to do what would have been normal for you prior to the accident, or for instance, if you can no longer take pleasure in hobbies or social events either on a permanent or temporary basis. Keep track of all the non-financial changes you have had to make to your everyday life as a result of your slipping in a theater injury. Your lawyer will want to establish what kind of person you were prior to the accident in order to demonstrate the affect that it has had on you.

Special damages will be the area of your accident on wet steps compensation claim that accounts for how your injury has affected your life financially. There are two parts to special damages which are known as “incidental special damages” and “consequential special damages”. Incidental special damages refer to the immediate expenses attached to addressing an accident injury. This could relate to any expenses you have incurred obtaining prompt medical treatment for your theatre injury. Consequential special damages take into consideration the more long term effects of your injury than incidental damages. For example, you could be compensated for any home renovations you have had to make or if you have suffered financial losses from being unable to work.

All of this is a general overview of the different areas of personal injury claim that may be relevant to your own claim. The only way you will be able to obtain more precise information that is relevant to you is to contact a personal injury claims lawyer to discuss your claim for slipping on wet steps in a theater.