Claim for Slipping on Rubbish on a Floor in Hospital

How should my grandmother claim for slipping on rubbish on a floor in hospital for when she slipped on the way to the toilet and injured her already damaged hip?

To claim for slipping on rubbish on a floor in hospital your grandmother should contact a personal injury claims lawyer with experience in dealing with slipping at hospital compensation claims. Your grandmother’s injury sounds like it could be very severe, so her first priority before seeking legal advice should be to get professional medical attention if she has not already. This will demonstrate that she has a regard for her health and well-being and it will also provide a record of when her injury was sustained.

After she has sought medical treatment, her lawyer will be able to evaluate her claim for slipping on rubbish on a floor in hospital based on the circumstances in which her injury from slipping on rubbish was sustained in addition to a number of other factors. These could include her age, sex, the severity of her injury, and her general state of health prior to the accident, the pain and suffering she endured during the accident and the impact it has had on her life subsequently. All of these factors could affect the amount of compensation your grandmother is entitled to and also whether or not she is eligible to claim at all. For instance, although the hospital has a duty of care to provide a safe environment to all those who attend it, if your grandmother sustained injury by slipping on rubbish that had just fallen then there was not a reasonable amount of time available for the hospital staff to have addressed the situation.

Therefore, it is a good idea for your grandmother to gather as much evidence as possible to support her slipping at hospital compensation claim, but not at the risk of exacerbating her injury. She should write an account of the accident in the hospital’s “Accident Report Book” being as comprehensive as possible and retaining a copy afterwards. She should provide the names and details of any staff members who provided her with assistance, in addition to the testimonials of anyone who witnessed the incident. If there have been financial or psychological repercussions of the injury from slipping on rubbish, then she should try to provide evidence of this. For instance, this could be in the form of any medical receipts and a diary outlining any times when her hip damage has caused her anxiety or affected her ability to partake in daily life. All of this should be presented to her lawyer upon meeting with them.

Although the USA Statute of Limitations allows potential claimants up to three years to pursue a claim for compensation, it is still in her best interest to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. There may be unexpected delays in gathering evidence or because of negotiations involving how much compensation she should receive. Therefore contacting her lawyer as soon as she can will ensure that the process for making a claim for slipping on rubbish on floor in hospital will begin at the first possible moment.