Slipped Over Food on the Floor in McDonalds

It is quite conceivable that if you have slipped over food on the floor in McDonalds, you could have suffered a nasty injury which – in addition to causing you significant pain – has prevented you from leading your normal day-to-day existence and, as a consequence, has caused you to suffer financially.

In situations where your injury due to falling on food in McDonalds could have been avoided were it not for the carelessness of a restaurant employee or the negligence of the company, you are entitled to claim compensation for falling over food in McDonalds.

Always Seek Medical Attention for a Food Injury in McDonalds

However, before speaking with a lawyer to discuss your eligibility to make claims for falling over food in McDonalds, it is imperative that you have undergone a professional medical examination in order that details of your food injury in McDonalds are recorded in your medical history.

Thereafter, it is in your best interests to speak with a lawyer at the first practical opportunity to explain the circumstances of your food slip in McDonalds and to receive counsel specific to your own personal situation which will enable you to determine whether you have a claim for having slipped over food on the floor in McDonalds which worth your while to pursue.

Offers of Compensation for an Injury Due to Falling on Food in McDonalds

It may be the case that, once your accident is brought to the attention of the restaurant operator, you receive an offer of compensation for an injury due to falling on food in McDonalds either from the restaurant manager or from the company´s public liability insurers. Any offer of compensation for a food injury in McDonalds should be referred to your lawyer immediately, as insurance companies will settle claims for falling over food in McDonalds for the least amount possible and it could be the situation that you are substantially under-compensated for your injury.

Making a Children´s Claim for Compensation for Falling over Food in McDonalds

If your child has been hurt in a food slip in McDonalds, you, or another parent or a guardian will have to represent them in their injury compensation claim, as children are not permitted to instruct a lawyer or make a claim for compensation for falling over food in McDonalds until they reach the age of eighteen. The eventual settlement of injury compensation for a food slip in McDonalds has to be approved by a court before the claim can be concluded and funds from the settlement are paid into court, where they remain until your child becomes a legal adult.